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Homework - Week of November 18th

Weekly homework will be posted on this site. The students will still have to copy it down in school, but it will be on the website for review. Depending on what gets covered in school, the homework may change due to changes in the class. If the homework from the website changes and the students have a different assignment in their copybook then they are responsible for the work in their homework book. Students will generally have to study most nights and what complete all written work.  With the amount of work and content, studying a few nights ahead is key.  Remember - even though there might not be a lot of written work, or any for that matter, you will always have to study for homework. Try different study techniques like: making note cards, making tests at home, etc.


- Upcoming Service projects. The link will show what 4th grade is to bring in for the service projects and the dates that the items need to be in by. 

- Native American Notes- These are the notes for our new unit for social studies

Homework - Week of November 18

Monday -  Study and Math workbook pg. 56

Tuesday - Study and math workbook pg. 58

Wednesday - Study and math workbook pg. 60

Thursday - Study 

Friday - Study


Tests Week of November 18th

Wednesday- Social Studies Quiz. This quiz will cover the terms on the from of students Native American notes. These notes can be found in students binders and also on my website and Classdojo and Mr. Nyce's website as well. 

Friday- Reading test. "Dear Mr. Winston"

           - Vocabulary workshop (orange workbook) quiz. This quiz will be on the words from vocab. workshop unit 3. Students also               need to know synonyms and antonyms

Schedule of Specials

A Day - Music

B Day - Art

C Day -Technology

D Day -Library

E Day - Gym

Spanish - every Friday afternoon

For the dates of our monthly birthday celebrations, please click the link below.

Classroom Information
*Depending on the week and schedule, I will try to stay in one day a week during recess to give the students a study recess period. This period could be used to review any material, finish any work, or to read for SSR.  

Accelerated Reader

Your child's A/R goal and points earned will be on the front of each test packet for you to review. You will be able to keep track of the points needed throughout the year to reach the goal. This year A/R will count for a grade in Reading.  Each student will take a placement test (Star Reading Test) at the beginning of each trimester and then will be given a point level to achieve within a book level range.  Please make sure to encourage your child to consistently read often in order to reach their goal early and not wait until the end of the trimester.  

The students did take their STAR reading test last week.  I will be conferencing with them beginning on Monday for their 1st trimester goal and range.  Each student will be brining his/her unofficial A/R goal home to see if the parents(s) are okay with the new goal.  After each parent(s) has agreed with the goals, then I will send home each A/R card to be signed.  I want to make sure everyone is on-board with the goal before adding it to the A/R system.

Test Packets

A test packet will be sent home every two weeks.  It will contain the tests, assessments, and assignments from the past two weeks. There will also be a cover page with each test packet that will have your child's A/R goal, what the student has already achieved for A/R for that current date, and the parent signature on the front.  Please sign the front half-sheet and initial the rest of the tests. Please make a note on the front of the cover page if you have any questions.  Please return when finished reviewing.

Quizlet Home Page Link

You will have to create an account if you haven't down so already.  You can create quizzes for each subject based on the topic. 

ThinkCentral Direct Link

Login Instructions for Think Central (Home Access to ELA & Science Textbooks)


Scholastic Orders​ 

The code for our classroom is (TBD) and a sticker was placed in their homework books that displays this code.  This was given to each student on the first day of school and can be found inside of their homework book.  You no longer have to bring in the paper (order form) that was given out in class.  If you go onto and type in the code above it will prompt you to our classroom.  You then order the books and they will be shipped into school after the transaction goes through.  

Parent Letter Link - First Day

Fun Brain Website - Interactive Games Link

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